2 Garage Doors to 1 Conversion


When your single garage doors are damaged or too small to fit the car, you might consider their conversion to one double door. Whatever your reasons for converting 2 garage doors to 1 are, you should remember that this project requires good knowledge and extra caution. Our company has converted many one-car garage doors to one single one and is here to teach you the basics of this task. Read More

3 Garage Door Services to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Who doesn’t want to find ways to bump up the resale home value? And when it comes to that, never underestimate the power the condition of garage doors have over the minds of potential buyers. There are certainly all sorts of home improvements one can do to tempt people to consider buying the house. And there is no doubt that you cannot satisfy all needs all the time. Some might need a larger garage or search for homes with livable garages. But one thing most buyers want is a resistant and aesthetically appealing garage door. And there are ways to achieve that.

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All You Need to Know about Garage Door Types

Although garage door replacement is far from easy, you won’t be tortured by one thousand questions regarding your choices. Such projects take some time and definitely good research. But their level of difficulty is grounded compared to when you are seeking garage doors for a new construction. In this case, one of the most common headaches is finding the right type. Why is this vital? Because garage door types determine the way the door is opening. Choose the wrong one and you will get yourself in a lot of trouble. On the other hand, there is no need to worry. The differences between garage door types are too clear to miss.

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5 Best Reasons for Installing Flush Garage Doors to Your Home

Panel design is what makes residential garage doors unique. And that’s what you want for your home. No homeowner will ever compromise quality construction but who wouldn’t pay attention to style? After all, garage doors are installed at the front yard and occupy so much space that it’s only rational not to overlook such details. It’s no secret that there are several garage door styles. And so when it’s time to choose for your home, consider the flush style. Flush panel garage doors have grown in popularity because although they are contemporary, they are an excellent choice for even traditional homes. And this is not the only reason for choosing them.

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Why You Need a Garage Door Company after a Hurricane

As a rule of thumb, it’s not safe to use garage doors after hurricanes before they are thoroughly checked. Don’t forget that such doors are very large and extremely heavy. And damage is not always apparent. Even if your garage door seems to be intact from the storm, some of the parts might be damaged. The flood caused by the storm might have affected the power outlet making the electric system dangerous.

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Garage Door Conversion: A Case Study

Converting two garage doors to one is hardly an easy job and also has its pros and cons. So whenever customers make such requests, we feel obliged to inform them about everything related to this project. Above all, we need to make sure the garage door conversion can be done without compromising the structure’s stability. To make a point of the difficulty of this service, let us take you through a job we did.

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Why It’s Time to Get A DC Garage Door Motor

Garage door opener replacement can easily become a daunting experience if you don’t know your options and why choose one model over another. What often comes in the way is the right choice of motors. So far we have been talking about screw, chain, and belt drive garage door openers. We have analyzed their pros and cons and always tried to find the best solutions for each garage. But now things get more complicated only to make our lives easier. This is not a paradox. It’s a fact. It might be hard to select a motor but once you do, you get the convenience you wanted all along. And that’s the reason why you should go for a DC garage door motor. Read More

Which Garage Door Parts Are Damage-Prone During Hurricanes

What makes hurricanes really dangerous is the speed of winds. What makes garage doors the most vulnerable part in the house is their large size. During a hurricane or fierce storm, the high wind might break trees or branches. Debris and elements fly and might strike against any surface. The largest the surface the biggest the possibility of damage. That’s why oversized and double-car garage doors are inclined to break easier than single panel ones. And that’s the first thing you should keep in mind when you are considering garage door replacement in hurricane prone areas. A double door is always a bigger hazard.

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How to Diagnose Garage Door Problems after a Hurricane

Evaluating the condition of garage doors after a hurricane is vital. Their large opening is the reason why they are prone to wind damage but can also become a reason for accidents. When hurricanes strike, not all areas in a region are affected the same way. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the Houston area suffered the consequences of a strong storm leaving the city flooded. But increased levels of water and high winds can also cause significant garage door damage. It’s important to check your overhead garage door in order to diagnose and fix its problems before you even use it.

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